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CHESSeCLOCK - Chess Clock Software

CHESSeCLOCK is a chess clock software which can be used during your friendly match played with your friends as well as official tournements. CHESSeCLOCK has a rich set of clock and usage related setting options, in addition to new MOVePAD concept which makes possible to write and archive your games in PGN format. When you are playing with your human opponent on a real chess set, just keep your monitor or notebook around your chess set to use it as your chess clock. CHESSeCLOCK is a shareware software for your free evaluation.

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LOTTORIX - Lottery result analysis and draw simulation software
LOTTORIX is a lottery result analysis software which offers you detailled statistical data on previous draw results. You can easily learn each number's pick amount and frequency from user friendly one-window interface. Meanwhile, LOTTORIX is a drawing simulator which populates Number Pools and let you include/exclude any number or adjust pick probability for each ball separately while creating your ticket. LOTTORIX is a shareware software for your free evaluation.   Goto LOTTORIX website screen captures page


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TIKTAKTIX logo   TIKTAKTIX has a new approach for classical Tic Tac Toe game with the addition of the Time dimension and with it's Human-like AI. We believe that TIKTAKTIX is a good answer of "How far can a 3x3 board game
be enjoyable and for how long without repeating itself?" question.

We tried to create a "Challenging AI" which is not silly even at easiest level, although unbeatable at Master level. Then, we added time component to this Human-AI competition. Finally, we collected all match results in Statistics Table where you can find your Best Scores and Overall Result totals.

TIKTAKTIX will be one of your most frequently played solitaire game and the first remembered when you look for an educative, enjoyable and free software for your children.


  • HUMAN vs. AI MODE: 4 different Artificial Intelligence levels (Easy, Moderate, Strong, Master).
  • AI vs. AI MODE: The ability of all 4 AI levels play against each other, may be considered as learning mode.
  • ANALYSIS MODE: You may play for both side to position analysis.
  • MATCH COMPETITION: Beyond playing one independant game, you can match defining the amount upto 100 games.
  • STATISTICS TABLE: Keep record of your previous results. Overall Table for all previously played games and Best Scores Table for your best match scores played against AI. You may also play without recording the match results to Statistics.
  • TIMER: Match time is monitored by Timer. So, even if you scored same, you may renew your Best Score with time.
  • INTELLIGENT AI: Even at Easy mode you may loose if you made a bad move (perhaps while hurrying to catch up your previous score on time). Or after you won 5-0 against Strong level, in case of you are caught careless, you may easily loose 0-6.
  • MASTER MODE: You can use master mode to learn winner strategies and positions from AI. Besides being unbeatable, Master catches all bad moves and profits all win positions.
  • UNDO MOVE: You can undo any move to replay or to get a different answer from AI. But this will also cancel the record process to the Statistics Table.
  • ANTI-CHEATING PROTECTION: When someone else playing on your computer, this function prevents possible decreasing attempts of AI level (or match game amount) during a match, by either automatically switching "add results to statistics" option to off position (or restoring match game amount to it's previous value).
  • COLOR SCALE: Yellow to Red for AI and Light to Deep Blue for Human player. When you won against each AI level, your skill color will go to a darker Blue.
  • SOUND: Audio effect for Human and AI moves which can optionally be used as On/Off.

We hope you will enjoy TIKTAKTIX as much as we did while developing and playing with it.

To download TIKTAKTIX from one of these websites, please click:
To download TIKTAKTIX from this website:

The download file consists latest available version of TIKTAKTIX software.

System Requirements:

  • Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 2003
  • PentiumII or comparable CPU with 256 RAM
  • No Internet access needed

TIKTAKTIX game play window
TIKTAKTIX game play window
TIKTAKTIX Statistics Table window
TIKTAKTIX Statistics window

Please contact us from email address, for all your questions, suggestions and comments on TIKTAKTIX, as well as the bugs you found.

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LOTTORIX webspider was developed to update lottery databases from all over the world. System has detailled reporting facility and supports hundreds of lottery databases.
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Developed to be used during software licensing process of CebirX products such as CHESSeCLOCK, LOTTORIX. A standalone application and web components made possible customer's license registration realizes on website without any human intervention, integrated with PAYPAL online payment system.

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